Weekly topics

Each weekly session will have a theme, to give you time to think about it and to gather reference material. We will start with a demonstration, tips and discussion of things to consider and then there is plenty of painting time. At the end we will look at each other's work before the grand tidy up. Of couse we will break for tea or coffee and the all important, biscuits! Each session is £12.50 and you need to book and pay for the half term (eg 5x£12.50=62.50 or 6x£12.50=75). Cheques to E S Chaderton on the first day of the half term – thank you. Or if you prefer to do a transfer, I can give you my bank details. I have only put the first half term details up, as I am waiting for confirmation about whether I will be going to India in November.
7 November Christmas cards I know this is early, but if you would like to get your image professionally printed in time for Christmas post we need to get a wiggle on! If you do not wish to do a Christmas card, you do not have to (of course). Why not bring something unfinished to work on?
14 November Autumn foliage Let’s celebrate the change in the trees. We can paint leaves, or an entire forest…..
21 November Portrait For the first time, a three week project. Week one will be about painting a realistic portrait using layers to build up skin tones. We will use a stock photo to learn the technique. It is often easier to paint someone you don’t know, rather than someone very close to you! You can be more objective.
28 November Portrait Week two, will be a little more funky than week one. Using different hues of the same tonal value to develop a portrait with character. We will use a different stock photo for this.
5 December Portrait Week three will be the opportunity to paint a portrait of your choosing – a family member or a celebrity, using one of the two methods we have covered.
12 December Ink Coloured ink, watercolour inks, pen and wash, gouache resist, and lots of other possibilities….