Weekly topics

Each weekly session will have a theme, to give you time to think about it and to gather reference material. We will start with a demonstration, tips and discussion of things to consider and then there is plenty of painting time. At the end we will look at each other's work before the grand tidy up. Of couse we will break for tea or coffee and the all important, biscuits! Each session is £12 and you need to book and pay for the half term (eg 5x£12=60 or 6x£12=72). Cheques to E S Chaderton on the first day of the half term – thank you. Or if you prefer to do a transfer, I can give you my bank details.
10 January Drawing Please bring a drawing pad, a range of graphite pencils, charcoal/charcoal pencils, a rubber. We will go through gesture drawing, continuous line, using non-dominant hand, measuring and other drawing exercises.
17 January Drawing I will set up a still life to practice our drawing skills from. Please bring a large sheet of cartridge paper.
24 January Landscape Rural or urban – traditional or contemporary – pure watercolour or line and wash. There is beauty and interest in all landscapes – so rather than a bucolic English countryside scene, why not explore something grittier?
31 January Three primaries Exploring the colour wheel, understanding that all primaries are not pure and each has a bias. Looking at how to mix clear or muted secondaries.
7 February Glazing Rather than mixing colours in the palette or wet-in-wet, let’s explore the possibilities of glazing.
14 February Transport Planes, trains and automobiles….
21 February No Class = half term
28 February Collage Watercolour and collage – bring glue, scissors, interesting papers or magazines, gesso if you have it. I will bring modelling paste and hopefully crackle paste. As these take a time to dry you may wish to prepare the surface for week 2.
7 March Collage Watercolour and collage – continuing from week 1 or developing the ideas.
14 March St Patrick’s Day Something with an Irish theme? Or explore the colour green.
21 March Spring Spring flowers, new born lambs, chocolate Easter eggs – your choice.
28 March A circular painting Enjoy painting your choice of subject in a circular format.
4 April Umbrellas Be ready for those April showers – a painting that features umbrellas in some way – could be on top of a cocktail….