Weekly topics

Each weekly session will have a theme, to give you time to think about it and to gather reference material. We will start with a demonstration, tips and discussion of things to consider and then there is plenty of painting time. At the end we will look at each other's work before the grand tidy up. Of couse we will break for tea or coffee and the all important, biscuits! Each session is £12 and you need to book and pay for the half term (eg 5x£12=60 or 6x£12=72). Cheques to E S Chaderton on the first day of the half term – thank you. Or if you prefer to do a transfer, I can give you my bank details.
25 April Painting with coffee or tea - Using coffees or teas of different strengths to paint with. You can either paint a monochrome or add coloured ink/paints to supplement. Your choice of subject
2 May Edges – soft and hard, lost and found - Choose any subject you like, but ensure you get a good variety of edges in your painting.
9 May Yellow - I personally find yellow a tricky colour to keep clean and fresh – so choose a subject with a good splash of yellow. It could be a field of oil seed rape, a yellow balloon, yellow flowers, someone in yellow wellies…
16 May Texture - This could be painting on a textured surface, using things to create the illusion of texture or painting to capture texture.
23 May Texture - Continuing from last week.
30 May No Class = half term
6 June Maps - Painting on a map, painting of a map, painting of the area you live in or one you love….
13 June Fast! - This could be a race, a motor car, a running greyhound. Anything with a bit of speed.
20 June A collection - A collection of items – from a collection of Dinky cars, to a stamp album.
27 June Portrait - Self portrait, portrait of a famous p.erson, portrait of a family member
4 July No class – I’m in Italy teaching!
11 July En Plein Air - If it is nice, we will draw or paint around the church. If it is raining we will stay in the church rooms and paint the topic ‘Picnic’
18 July Whatever you fancy – end of term free for all.