Weekly topics

Each weekly session will have a theme, to give you time to think about it and to gather reference material. We will start with a demonstration, tips and discussion of things to consider and then there is plenty of painting time. At the end we will look at each other's work before the grand tidy up. Of couse we will break for tea or coffee and the all important, biscuits! Each session is £12.50 and you need to book and pay for the half term (eg 5x£12.50=62.50 or 6x£12.50=75). Cheques to E S Chaderton on the first day of the half term – thank you. Or if you prefer to do a transfer, I can give you my bank details. I have only put the first half term details up, as I am waiting for confirmation about whether I will be going to India in November.
5 November Christmas cards I know it is jolly early to be contemplating Christmas, but if you want to get cards printed then you need to do it now. If there is interest I am happy to coordinate a card print order. I will bring a price list, though it will vary depending on the number ordered.
12 November Brusho Bring an apron! These powdered inks are vibrant and great fun to use. You can mix them and use like ink/watercolour or sprinkle and spritz for exciting results. Bring your own reference. I will provide the Brusho.
19 November Perspective One, two and three point perspective can be learnt quickly and once you understand the concept it will transform the believability of your work. We might mention aerial perspective too. Bring reference which shows perspective – buildings are the obvious choice but hills and trees disappearing into the distance is another thought.
26 November Dew/rain drops Great fun to add to your paintings and straight forward once you have analysed where the light is coming from. Bring reference featuring dew or rain drops.
3 December House portrait A lively portrait of either your house or one you like. Using pen and wash…. Bring photo reference and waterproof pens plus watercolours.
10 December Finishing up You may have an art bag full of half-finished paintings. Let’s use this last session to finish….