Weekly topics

Each weekly session will have a theme, to give you time to think about it and to gather reference material. We will start with a demonstration, tips and discussion of things to consider and then there is plenty of painting time. At the end we will look at each other's work before the grand tidy up. Of couse we will break for tea or coffee and the all important, biscuits! Each session is £12.50 and you need to book and pay for the half term (eg 5x£12.50=62.50 or 6x£12.50=75). Cheques to E S Chaderton on the first day of the half term – thank you. Or if you prefer to do a transfer, I can give you my bank details. I have only put the first half term details up, as I am waiting for confirmation about whether I will be going to India in November.
5 September Working from a black and white photo of your choice Bring a black and white photo of any subject (www.pixabay.com will have lots if you want to find something). Now, using it as your inspiration, paint from it in your own colours.
12 September Edges Hard and soft, lost and found. Bring a variety of edges to your work. I can set up a still life for anyone who would like it.
19 September Memories of summer Capture a happy moment from the summer – water on wet sand, a picnic, icecream, the summer garden. Quick before autumn sets in!
26 September Gouache A two-week topic. Week one on using gouache to introduce opaque elements to your transparent watercolour. We will be inspired by the work of Australian artist John Lovett.
3 October Gouache Gouache resist technique. This involves using ink over gouache and then washing the gouache off leaving a ‘linocut’ image.
10 October Skies and cloud Exploring skies and clouds in watercolour and developing landscapes. Look out for dramatic formations!
17 October An unusual format Anything but the usual rectangle. Go large, go small, long and thin, square, circular….
24 & 31 October No Class = half term